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Tenant Complaing about Scorpion Problem. Chandler complex refused to refund deposit. Tenant claims allergies to pest control. Should have used Bulwark for you scopion solution and for a hypoallerginic product.

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About Our Chandler Exterminator Service-


Bulwark covers pest control for Arizona, Texas, Utah, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma. Pest Control covers ants, scorpion and spiders. Complete Satisfaction guaranteed. Spiders covered at no additional cost. We are located in major US cities like Mesa, Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raliegh, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Tulsa, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, Buford, Mooresville, St. George, and Scottsdale. Well known for our Scorpion Control. Over 60,000 homes trust our family pest control serive. Family Owned and opperated. We will never sell out to the larger national pest control companies.

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No Base Board Spraying


We will not spray Your base boards!!! We use the most effective treatment possible and all of our products are less toxic then toothpaste. Most of the products are less toxic then table salt. Our approach is simple. We understand that customers want the safest pest control solution available. And we will never stop progressing. If something newer and better comes along then we will use it. We evolve as time moves on. Check out our page on GREEN PEST CONTROL for more details on our ever changing pest control service.

  • Over 10 years in business.
  • Registered with the BBB.
  • Guaranteed to control scorpions and spiders.

Finding the Best Pest Control Service isn't easy.


Unfortunately anyone can promise the world and then no one takes responsibility. So how do you choose a professional exterminator? Chandler exterminators are knocking at every door and every one of them has their own story. Each one claims their pest product is the best. But with 1000s of products to choose from how can you be certain? Get the facts. Ask them for a MSDS of all the pesticides they use. Ask them for a copy of their service ticket. Ask them how long they have been in the valley. Ask them how toxic the pest product is. Ask them if they have a money back guarantee. Then read up on their reviews online. Its your home and your family. Make an informed and smart pest control decission. What to know more? Read 10-things to look for in a quality pest control service.



Our Pest Control Professionals make the difference.



Read the stories of our employees and you will find a common goal and a uncommon level of commitment. Everyone involved is part of the team. Everyone pulls his our her own weight. And together everyone achieves more.